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Sparse brows deserve a second chance.
The BrowGal’s Second Chance Brow Enhancement Serum is formulated to deliver visibly fuller, healthier-looking brows in as little as four weeks.
This innovative, results-driven, topical eyebrow enhancement serum conditions, enhances, and strengthens brow hair to promote a vibrant, youthful look.
A 3-speed vibrating brush increases circulation to the area and delivers product to the root of the hair for faster results.


-Results in as little as 4 weeks
-Safe and patent pending “green” Restoplex technology for restoration of healthy looking brows.
-3-speed vibrating brush to increase circulation to the area and deliver product to the root of the hair for faster results.


Prior to bedtime, apply serum to a clean and dry eyebrow area
For best results, use while taking The BrowGal’s Second Chance Supplement


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