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Vanille Cafe EdT


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As if by magic, we are transported to Costa Rica, immersed in Its coffee fields where the aroma of coffee beans fill the air.

Dusk is falling.The last rays from the sun blaze the verdant jungle of an orange-red and the scents give the atmosphere a sensual warmth.
The tone is given in this “Woody-Gourmand” fragrance enriched with notes of natural coffee extract.
At first the notes of roasted coffee mingle with the green almond.
It’s like this sweet feeling of the morning, when the smell of freshly brewed coffee tickles your nostrils still asleep.
In heart, this enveloping and reassuring smell abandon itself to the seduction of the Siam Benzoin, suave and sensual.
Then, like a breeze in the sun, or a warm tropical wind, Cedar, Vanilla and White Musks intertwine the sweet heart for a luminous and sacred trail.


Top notes: Coffee Extract, Green Almond.

Heart notes: Siam Benzoin.

Base notes: Cedar, Vanilla Absolute, White Musks.


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