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Un Air d Hadrien Candle



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Un Air d’Hadrien immediately transports you to Italy. The burning sun and the blinding light of Tuscany add to the charm of its cypress-lined terraces.
The hottest hour of the day is the best time to sink into the soft shade of the lemon trees and reread a few passages from Memoirs of Hadrian.

The facetted glass of the candle holder reinterprets the pleats of the brand’s iconic godron fragrance bottle.

In the spirit of sustainability, a core value of Goutal, refills are available for the candles: once the wax has burnt down,
the holder can be refilled with any other candle in the collection.
In true mix & match style, you can pair your favourite colour of glass with the scent of your choice.

Sicilian lemon, Cypress


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