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Rose Royale 1935


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ROSE ROYALE enhances the Fruity facets of Rose Absolute by supplementing them with Peach and Osmanthus.

These creations reveal remarkable facets of olfactory families with timeless allure.
In 1935, René Lalique opened his new boutique at 11 rue Royale. An animated environment nourished by the past, but looking to the future.

Lalique introduces the Rose, queen of flowers. Osmanthus, the little orange-hued flower with symbolic meaning in China,
releases a complex and elegant fragrance, which mingles with Apricot nectar and mixes with powdery Violet and velvety Deer Musks.
These infinitely feminine and tactile ingredients are greeted with a waft of Musks, while the subtle Leathery facet of the Osmanthus Absolute merges with a sensual Cashmere Wood.


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