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Rivalite Imperiale Foto



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Dry fruits engage with spices right from the start, catching immediately your attention.
You remain captivated as amber and vanilla enter this elegant dance, following in the footsteps of luxurious sandalwood.

A storm is passing by, grains of sand spiral through the air. Suddenly a palace raises out the ground, impressive and with unseen luxury.
I enter through the golden gate, floating up the marble stairs. Warm plumes of fragrant air surrounding me, soft and sweet.
Drawn in by this scented play I loose myself within the maze of time.

Arriving at the chambers, entertainment of the queen is at its height. Music playing, dancers in exotic dresses twirl around the shiny floor.
The alluring blend of dry fruits with the warmth of woods and roses is hypnotizing me.

Never have I smelled such mesmerizing blend, captivating all my senses.
Enchanted by this fragrant scene I sway from side to side enjoying every minute of this joyful play.

Top Notes:
Mirabel, Cinnamon, Dry Fruits

Middle Notes:
Patchouli, Tobacco, Tonka

Base Notes:
Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood


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