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Plume Blanche 1901


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Glowing as a jewel. Light as a feather. Silky as a breeze. Plume Blanche turns the sinuous elegance of a white peacock’s train into scent.

It is René Lalique’s illustration for the cover of Montesquiou’s book “Les Paons”, a stylized peacock-feather, that inspires Plume Blanche.

For its 2020 Edition, the Noir Premier flacon takes on a poetic peacock-feather pattern, printed in white on the golden façade.
The flanks of the bottle are in transparent glass, adorned with the collection’s iconic cicada-wing motif.

Verdant violet leaf, zesty cardamom, sparkling mandarin and vibrant pink pepper add a pop of color to this iridescent accord in the top notes.
With its cinnamon and vanilla facets, benzoin resin brings its golden ivory tones.
An ebony backdrop of smooth tonka bean and patchouli makes this opalescent palette even more radiant. So just go ahead: be proud as a peacock.


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