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Or Intemporel 1888


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OR INTEMPOREL is a Spicy Oriental fragrance in which the two deliciously addictive main notes, Tobacco and Coffee, are used to evoke the opulence of gold.

Paris, 1st August 1888. If Maison Lalique had a birthday, this would be it.
It was on this day that René Lalique registered his hallmark, comprising his initials and the symbol of a sword,
which was destined to be used on designs made of gold at his studio.
The Maison was inspired by the most precious materials available when honouring this legendary story with the creation of OR INTEMPOREL 1888.

Two deliciously addictive heart notes, Tobacco and Coffee, are united to evoke the opulence of gold and the fascination it has always held for mankind.
This intense and rare accord with the hot/cold structure of Spices (Cardamom, Nutmeg, Black Pepper) expresses the contrast between the radiance of gold and the coolness of metal. Vanilla and Tolu Balsam, assisted by a dash of Patchouli, soften the subdued palette of rich and warm tones.


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