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Kham Sin


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Kham Sin is an expression of warmth and adventure.
Kham Sin is a reference to a dry, hot sand storm that blows through the Egyptian desert for fifty days a year,
as well as the name of the famous Maserati model, designed by Marcello Gandini at Bertone.

A warm, colourful composition, radiating happiness and freedom, bringing together emblems of Egyptian cultures, past and present.
The opening of succulent mandarin, warm peppermint and petitgrain blends with a central heart of amber.
The amber of Kham Sin is skillfully blended with thyme, violet, patchouli and resinous labdanum.
A sultry base of tonka bean and chocolate adds a hint of sweetness. Kham-Sin is an expressive and optimistic Eau de Parfum.


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