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Elegance Animale 1989


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ÉLÉGANCE ANIMALE is a potent and sensual Woody Oriental fragrance combining Leathery, Fruity and Floral notes in perfect harmony.

Created in 1989, “Zeila” the panther is one of the most famous works by Marie-Claude Lalique.
It is said that this beast is the only one to naturally secrete an odour that is able to attract its prey.
It is a Woody, potent and sensual Oriental fragrance that evokes this enchanting trap.

Saffron introduces the idea of the wild beast, alongside the roundness of Peach and the freshness of Geranium.
At its heart, the Rose’s thorns provide a poetic interpretation of the animal’s claws with the Jasmine expressing its unsettling sensuality…
Rare Gurjum Balsam provides its warm and smoky scent, offering up its natural elegance, while Leather helps the creaminess of Sandalwood to melt into the skin.


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